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*** Due to recent changes made to, IronTrac will no longer function outside of North America. We are sorry for the inconvenience and hope to someday resume function in all areas. ***

1. Where does IronTrac get it's data?
The data presented in IronTrac is retrieved from Ironman Live, so if Ironman Live experiences any technical difficulties, IronTrac will also be effected.  This also means that if Ironman does not provide tracking data for an event, IronTrac won't be able to track the event. 

2. Why does IronTrac keep saying "No Athletes Found"? 
Ironman typically does not make race data available until very close to the race start, so searches may be unsuccessful until just before the race start.

3. Why isn't IronTrac able to find the athlete I'm searching for?
Sometimes you may need to search using only the first few letters of the name instead of the entire name. This is an Ironman issue, not an IronTrac issue.

4. Why do Arizona and Port Macquarie 70.3 show a different year in my Watch List? 
Race data for these two events is posted to the year following the actual event date due to the way Ironman tracks them. For example, for an event in calendar year 2013, your Watch List will show 2014.  As of IronTrac version 3.0.1, please search for Arizona and Port Macquarie athletes by selecting the actual calendar year of the event.

5. Why is my phone saying I need iOS 6.1 when trying to buy IronTrac?
iOS 6.1 or higher is required to use IronTrac. Please upgrade your phone to the latest version of iOS.

6. Why am I not seeing any events on the Find Athletes screen?
IronTrac requires an Internet connection at all times, even for pulling the event list.  This means that if you are in an area with poor cell service, you may need to find a location with Wi-fi. 

7.  Why am I getting "Network Errors" in IronTrac?
IronTrac requires an Internet connection at all times in order to work properly.  This means that if you are in an area with poor cell service, you may need to find a location with Wi-fi.

8.  Why can't I find Kona or other events in IronTrac's event list?
IronTrac lists events using their official Ironman race name.  For example, Kona is listed in IronTrac as "World Championship".  When looking for events, please locate them using Ironman's official name for the event.

9.  Why don't I see Facebook or Twitter icons when I attempt to upload results?
IronTrac uses the built in iOS accounts for Facebook and Twitter.  Please make sure you have signed into these services on your iOS device in iOS "Settings".  Find Facebook and Twitter in Settings and sign in.  Once you have signed in, the icons will appear in IronTrac.

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